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DESCRIPTION              Service additional breakers 

                                      in main switch gear


Test circuit operation

Examine exposed wiring

Inspect service switch

Test for proper voltage

Test amperage of motors

Check grounding & bonding

Perform infrared temperature examination

Tighten panel connections

Tighten main lugs

Apply antioxidants

Test service receptacle

Test service light

Check systems for water, rust, or corrosion

Clean exterior of electrical equipment

Examine system for code compliance

Make safety & conservation recommendations

Certify maintenance (if required)

Electronic documentation of conditions & finding

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DESCRIPTION              Test additional panels

                                      in building

DESCRIPTION              Test time clocks

DESCRIPTION              Test site lighting contactors

Ring of Lightbulbs
Bright Idea
Bright Idea Bulb
Light Emitting Diodes

Electrical equipment failures account for millions of dollars in damage and lost business every year. As this country’s electrical infrastructure continues to age, this problem is only going to worsen unless active steps are taken to counter the trend. Ironically, more than two-thirds of electrical system failures can be prevented by a routine preventive maintenance 

program. The failure rate of electrical equipment is three times higher for components that are not part of a scheduled preventive maintenance program as compared with those that are. In addition, a planned preventative maintenance program allows the equipment owner to schedule the system outage at a time of their choosing rather than having to correct major problems resulting from an always untimely failure. 


At Cates’ Electric Corp, we know that unscheduled downtime costs money and loss of production. To minimize and eliminate costly breakdowns, we provide our customers with recommended practices and frequencies that form the core of a regularly scheduled electrical preventive maintenance program. All work associated with electric power systems and equipment is performed in accordance with accepted industry safety standards and work practices.

What is ComfortGuard Electrical Preventative Maintenance?

Process of Inspecting, Testing, Analyzing, Servicing, and Mitigating Risks Associated with Electrical Systems and Equipment With The Purpose of Maintaining Safe Operations and Production By Reducing or Eliminating System Interruptions or Equipment Breakdown.

Benefits of ComfortGuard 

Electrical Preventative Maintenance.

Provides Higher Level of Reliability / Dependability

   Reduces Risk of Equipment / System Failure 

   Minimizes Property Loss Claims


   Minimizes Losses in Production / Service 

   To Customers


Enables Equipment / System To Operate At Peak Efficiency


   1% - 3% Energy Savings Over 

   Non-Maintained Equipment


Assists With Diagnostic / Troubleshooting

   Provides State of Equipment at a 

   Particular Date / Time


Controls Equipment Repair / Replacement Expenses


   Equipment Maintenance Can Be 

   Budgeted / Tracked


   Implement Changes / Correct Deficiencies 

   Under Controlled Conditions


   Reduces Emergency Repair / Replacement 

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Electrical Systems Begin To Deteriorate Once 

They Are Built / Installed


Performance and Life Expectancy of Electrical 

Systems Decline With Environmental Conditions, 

Overload Conditions, and Excessive Duty Cycles


Principal Reason For Electrical System Failure 

Is Failure To Maintain


Dependable Designs Require Maintenance To 

Keep Them Dependable

Average of Six (6) Hours of Business Interruption 

Caused By Each Electrical Failure In Your

Electrical System - (Laskey 2012)


Failure Rate Is Three (3x) Higher For Electrical 

Equipment That Is Not Part of An Electrical 

Preventative Program - (HSB 2010)


The Risk of An Unscheduled Electrical Failure Can Be Reduced By 66% With An Effective Preventative Maintenance Program - (HSB 2010)

Top Causes of Electrical Distribution System Failure











Loose Connections / Parts


Line Disturbance (Other Than Lightning)

Defective / Inadequate Insulation


Foreign Objects / Short Circuiting 


Overloading / Inadequate Capacity 

Dust / Dirt / Oil Accumulation 

All Other Causes


Why Choose ComfortGuard Electrical Preventative Maintenance?

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